Built using the latest AngularJS and Bootstrap technology, NEXUS FS™ contains all of the functionality that you need to successfully run your field service operation.  

With a comprehensive future roadmap that will regularly expand NEXUS FS™ with new functionality, customers are confident that NEXUS FS™ is a vital field service management solution that will increase customer satisfaction, improve field worker productivity, reduce operating costs, and improve cash-flow through expedited billing.

Here are some of the key features of NEXUS FS™.

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Create and manage all service work orders so your field resources know exactly what to do to close the job successfully at the first attempt.  Work orders include vital information such as the job’s description, location, priority, job type, and job duration, with the status ensuring that you know the current position of any work order whenever you need to know.

When closing the work order using the NEXUS FS™ mobile application, the field worker captures parts used from their inventory, parts being returned through the supply chain, and the customer’s signature.  This is all automatically added to the work order history to give you a full auditable trail of all service-related activities.

Manage your inventory to understand where your valuable products, parts and accessories are, including:

  • Accept, receive, search and ship inventory pieces
  • Manage inventory locations
  • Manage inventory shipments
  • Manage product catalogs
  • View and search technician inventory
  • Track serialized and batch-controlled inventory
Managing assets is an important part of any organization. With NEXUS FS, manage in house assets as well as assets at customer locations.
  • Add, delete or edit an asset
  • Add asset to work order list, create a new work order from asset list
  • View assets and asset details including service history
  • Search/filter list
  • Export asset list to Excel or to a PDF file
  • View assets associated with accounts
Assign work orders to field workers so they know when and where they need to be, and your customers know when to expect a visit.  Once dispatched, the work order details – including schedule times – are made available immediately on the field worker’s mobile device.
View the entire working schedule using the graphical scheduling board (Gantt chart), and interact using drag-and-drop functionality to re-assign work orders – in real time – to other field workers or to a different day and/or time. The real-time nature of the scheduling means that the dispatch team can make immediate decisions and adjustments in response to unplanned events.

The comprehensive NEXUS FS™ mobile application that runs on the Android and iOS mobile operating systems gives your field workers the power and visibility to deliver an exceptional customer experience.  Based on the leading ServiceMobility product, the NEXUS FS™ mobile application is feature-rich including job and activity management, the schedule for today and in the future, inventory management, parts information, schematic diagrams, timesheets, signature capture, photographs, offline working capabilities, mapping, note-taking, estimates and payments, customer surveys,  and more.

With real-time connectivity back to the NEXUS FS™ dispatch center, your schedule and the activities in the field are always synchronized so there’s no uncertainty about what’s really happening.

NEXUS FS™ automatically captures the field workers’ activities based on the automatic date and time capturing of status changes such as on-site, and traveling.  If a field worker misses a status that’s fine too as NEXUS FS™ gives you the full freedom to enter any missing entries into the field workers’ timesheets.
The NEXUS FS™ geolocation feature captures the physical geographic location of when and where a field worker has interacted with their mobile application.  Is there a dispute with a customer regarding when – or if – the field worker arrived?  NEXUS FS™ offers an easy resolution to this problem by providing a graphical, map-based, audit trail of this information.

With NEXUS FS™, none of the parameters are hard-coded thus giving you the freedom and ability to create and manage your own account information, work order types, work order statuses, product codes, job completion/incompletion codes, and user profiles.  

As an industry-leading feature, your NEXUS FS™ administrator can create customized forms and workflows that can be made live on the field workers’ mobile devices at the push of a button and there’s no coding required!
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