Unlike many field service management solutions, NEXUS FS™ doesn't limit itself to just one or two specific field service industries. It is a horizontally-focused product that operates cross-industry and has been built with such a broad experience in mind.

Field Service Management Software + Mobility = Real Value

Field Service Management Software is the backbone of your service business. It enables you to manage customers, field workers, tools and parts 24/7, 365 days a week to ensure you are exceeding your customer’s expectations and improving your own business operations.

Field Service Management software makes it easier to manage a fleet of service professionals. Field workers have varying skills, work different shifts and your customers require different levels of service across a wide geographic region.

Dispatch Software helps you manage field workers so that the right technician with the right skills, tools and parts for the job is sent to you customer, capable of collaborating with your office experts and other techs. You can manage schedule changes like PTO, unexpected interruptions like traffic delays and sickness with the Field Service Management Software.

Mobile Dispatch software ensures the field workers have their schedule, information necessary to complete the job, the ability to update their status so you know what’s going on, and access parts inventory so you know what’s been used on the repair or maintenance job.

NEXUS FS™ Field Service Management Software connects all aspects of the service delivery chain for any-size business.  The cloud-based Field Service Management Software offers comprehensive Dispatch Software as well as a Mobile Dispatch application that enables field service businesses to focus on providing world-class service to customers.

NEXUS FS™ Field Service Management Software enables you to manage work orders, and customers. It allows you to schedule jobs with the Dispatch Software, with the parts and tools necessary to complete the job. The Mobile Dispatch software sends the schedule to field techs, collects status, fully mobilizes the processes that need to be performed on site, collects payment

NEXUS FS™ Field Service Management Software increases your first-time fix rate, reduces mean time on job, delights your customers, reduces inventory inaccuracies and cuts costs with automated Dispatch Software and Mobile Dispatch functionality.

NEXUS FS™ Field Service Management Software features:

  • Work Order Management - Create and manage all service work orders, including job description, location, priority, job type, and job duration, and job status. Techs can also capture parts used from inventory, return parts to the supply chain, and capture customer signature.  

  • Inventory Management - Search, transfer, accept loads, physical counts Inventory integration, including search, receiving, transferring and counting inventory, inventory shipments, storage locations, product catalog management, usage, returns and ordering.

  • Dispatch Software - Assign work orders to field workers, and provide work order details to field workers on the Mobile Dispatch software, on any device.

  • Scheduling Software - View the entire schedule on a graphical scheduling board (Gantt chart). Drag-and-drop jobs to re-assign them– in real time – to other field workers or to a different day and/or time.

  • Mobile Dispatch – The NEXUS FS™ mobile dispatch application runs on the Android and iOS mobile operating systems. Based on the leading ServicePower ServiceMobility  product, it includes job and activity management, the job schedule, inventory management, parts information, schematic diagrams, timesheets, signature capture, photographs, offline working capabilities, mapping, note-taking, estimates and payments, customer surveys, and more.

  • Timesheet Reporting - NEXUS FS™ automatically captures the field workers’ activities based on automatic date and time capture

  • Geolocation Reporting - NEXUS FS™ captures the physical geographic location of when and where a field worker has interacted with their mobile application, to provide a graphical, map-based, audit trail.

  • System Configuration - With NEXUS FS™ is fully configurable, providing your team the ability to create and manage your own account information, work order types, work order statuses, product codes, job completion/incompletion codes, and user profiles.  

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