Unlike many field service management solutions, NEXUS FS™ doesn’t limit itself to just one or two specific field service industries – it is a horizontally-focused product that operates cross-industry and has been built with such a broad experience in mind.

If you employ or contract at least ten field workers in one of the following industries and they perform maintenance repair, inspections or installations work, then NEXUS FS™ may just be the right field service management solution for you.  

Contact us for more information!  If your industry isn’t listed then that doesn’t mean NEXUS FS™ isn’t right. Let’s have a chat.


Capital Equipment

Investing in any kind of capital or industrial asset - such as a printing press or construction equipment - is an expensive and long-term commitment. These assets are the heartbeat of the service business’s operation.  Without them being available, productivity and service delivery suffer. 

Managing periodic and reactive maintenance is therefore vital and NEXUS FS™ ensures that asset uptime and revenue-per-asset are both maximized through efficient workforce scheduling and work order


Facilities and Property Management

Looking after modern properties involves everything from the simple change of a lightbulb through to extensive renovation and building remodeling. As new M2M technology becomes increasingly prevalent, repair and proactive maintenance activities are at the forefront of every field service operation. 

NEXUS FS™ ensures that the management of such maintenance and repair activities is expedited leaving the property in tip-top condition.


Home Healthcare Services

With more healthcare moving to the home as hospitals are increasingly running at full capacity and wait times are lengthening, reliably scheduling the right healthcare worker to patients at home to change dressings, record vital signs, manage medications, and much more is vital. This isn’t just about customer satisfaction, it’s about patients’ health and well-being.

 NEXUS FS™ provides heightened visibility into the operation to ensure that no patients’ needs are missed.


Home Services

Whenever a residential customer needs something attending to in their home - maybe it’s a plumbing issue, or the installation of a new security system - reliability and adherence to an agreed appointment window is vital.  In a market where consumers can easily switch to an alternative services company,

NEXUS FS™ keeps your customers as the main focus as without them, your service business suffers.


HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Products

Being such a cyclical industry where service volumes are significantly affected by extremes of temperature, businesses and residential customers do not tolerate being left working in conditions that are too hot or too cold.  

Rapidly attending to repair and maintenance issues is therefore of paramount importance and NEXUS FS™ gives you the ability to send urgent work to the best and most available technician in real-time to minimize the customer’s wait.


Insurance (Assessing and Adjusting)

Commercial, residential, and auto insurance seems like a necessary evil where policyholders often make decision based on the price of their premiums.  What is often not considered is their experience should they be unfortunate enough to file a claim.  

Rapid inspection of damage is critical to resolve the policyholder’s pain and trauma where this experience can dictate their decision to renew their policy, or not.  NEXUS FS™ gives you the ability to send urgent work to the best and most competent inspector in real-time.


Landscaping and Lawn Care

In the height of summer, the landscaping and lawn care industry is in full swing, taking care of the external appearance and foliage of commercial and residential property holders. These service businesses thrive on regular and repeat bookings often on the same day and the same time each week Their customers expect to hear the sounds of their landscaping as expected and do not like to be let down.  

By using NEXUS FS™, routine customer assignments are committed to the schedule ensuring that arrangements are honored and long-term bookings remain secure.


Medical Equipment

The range of medical equipment that is maintained in the field today is vast - from small, handheld and portable devices, through to complex MRI scanners.  Some of these assets require routine maintenance while others simply need attention if their performance falters or to be recalibrated.  Associated with each medical device is a patient in need of care or review and the downtime of such assets can put patient well-being at risk.  

NEXUS FS™ provides a rapid and reliable response to routine and reactive maintenance, ensuring downtime is minimized and that high levels of patient care are delivered.


Pest Control

From the routine laying and checking of traps through to extensive searches for vermin, the pest control industry experiences a high level of unplanned and planned events. From just being an unpleasant experience with vermin on the loose or a regulatory requirement to control for certain businesses, pest control is vital for compliance and for not deterring customers.  

NEXUS FS™ handles both planned and unplanned pest control activities with ease ensuring that pest management is preserved.


Telecommunications (e.g., consumer installations)

Many small businesses support the installations, maintenance, and repair activities of the major, and local, communications companies.  While being third-party organizations, their ability to offer efficient and reliable services is critical to themselves and protecting the brand of the communications giants.  

NEXUS FS™ gives the visibility and control of all service work to deliver according to customer needs and expectations based on the communications services they have ordered.


Utilities (e.g., metering services)

As the industry increases its use of the latest technology - such as smart meters - the role of the field service organization is becoming increasingly technical.  It’s not just about gas, electric, or water, but also about how these connect and communicate with the information grid.  This change is introducing a new breed of field service technician, one who is armed with utility skills and technical know-how.  

The visibility and control offered by NEXUS FS™ ensures that such expertise is allocated to the right jobs, in accordance with regulatory - and customer - expectations.


Waste Management

As the world moves away from the mass disposal of waste to cleaner and more environmentally friendly recycling, the waste management industry is becoming more efficient with the routine collection, separation, and transportation of waste.  

Using NEXUS FS™, waste management service organizations ensure that collection schedules and routes are committed to their plans so that long-term contracts are fully honored and renewed.

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